“With jaw-dropping color illustrations and descriptions that make you feel like you know these fishes personally, Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia has everything but a scratch-and-sniff section. Those who love these fishes will find it impossible to get a better representation of the aquatic life of Virginia than they will find in this glorious new book.”
Prosanta Chakrabarty, Associate Professor and Curator of Fishes, 
Louisiana State University 

“An excellent distillation of information on the fishes of Virginia that is truly usable as a field guide. High-quality color illustrations by Val Kells and Joseph Tomelleri and informative range maps make for visually informative species accounts. It’s a book you’ll want to have streamside in Virginia.”
Bruce W. Stallsmith, Professor, Biological Sciences, 
University of Alabama in Huntsville

“This beautiful and succinct book has some of the best illustrations out there right now. Strongly recommended. All federal biologists and academics in aquatic sciences should buy a copy.”
Brooks M. Burr, Emeritus Professor, 
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia is an absolute home run. Readers learn about the major watersheds in the state, the different habitats stretching from the mountains to the sea, the anatomy of the fishes that inhabit these waters, and finally, how to identify 225 species. The text is easy to read and often funny, and the illustrations are outstanding. Generations to come are indebted to the folks who put so much time and energy into getting this guide just right.”
Charles Gowan, Paul H. Wornom Professor of Biology, 
Randolph-Macon College

This guide is a stunning portrayal of the high diversity and colorful beauty of the freshwater fishes of Virginia. It is essential for identifying the species and summarizes their biology and geography. Conservation needs within the fauna are pervasively recognized.”
Bob Jenkins, Professor Emeritus, Roanoke College,
and coauthor of Freshwater Fishes of Virginia

“A fantastic new field guide that will be welcomed by many, and not just by those who live in Virginia. It is easily carried into the field, with a wealth of information in its pages. Val Kells’s and Joseph Tomelleri’s illustrations are top notch.”
Fritz Rohde, Fisheries Biologist, NOAA, 
coauthor of Freshwater Fishes of South Carolina, editor of American Currents,
and President of the North American Native Fishes Association

“The combination of stellar artwork, comparative distribution maps, and informative species descriptions will aid both hobbyists and scientific experts in the identification of Virginia’s freshwater fishes. The exceptional detail of this field guide, in concert with exemplary photographs, bring to life the amazing ichthyofaunal diversity of this beautiful region.”
Martin C. Arostegui, University of Washington, 
IGFA Representative and Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia is a must-have for avid anglers, aquatic scientists, and anyone who likes to play around in Virginia’s lakes and streams. The illustrations are incredible, the descriptions are easy to understand, and the range maps make species identification a breeze. I wish I’d had this book 30 years ago when I was an amateur biologist, and will certainly use it as a professional now.”
J. Wesley Neal, Certified Fisheries Professional, 
Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Aquaculture and Extension Professor, 
Mississippi State University

“An outstanding work for anyone—scientist, student, angler, or naturalist—fascinated by fishes, in Virginia and beyond. Beautiful illustrations and detailed species accounts, along with identification keys, information on management and conservation, and even tips for watching and enjoying fishes make this guide a must-have in your fish reference collection.”
Rob Neumann, Managing Editor and Fishery Scientist,

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia is an ideal resource for anyone wanting to learn about the biology and ecology of Virginia’s fishes. I see this guide becoming a trusted information source for volunteers like Virginia Master Naturalists, especially those involved in citizen science studies in freshwater habitats or educating the public about Virginia’s vast and fascinating diversity of fishes. Nature enthusiasts, anglers, and even natural resource professionals will also find this guide to be an excellent tool for learning and practicing fish identification. The illustrations and the key to fish families are particularly helpful.”
Michelle D. Prysby, Director, Virginia Master Naturalist Program, 
Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, 
Virginia Tech, Virginia Cooperative Extension

“This much-needed new field guide fills a niche for educators and fish enthusiasts. The diversity of Virginia’s freshwaters is beautifully captured in the photographs and full-color illustrations. The descriptions provide clear diagnostics for fish species identification to go along with the detailed illustrations, and the range maps given for each species make it quick and easy to confirm species presence in your area. The introductory chapters provide excellent guidance on how to navigate species identification as well as on the ecology and conservation concerns of our aquatic ecosystems.”
Robert Humston, Director for Environmental Studies and Professor of Biology, Washington and Lee University

“As someone who has spent a lifetime hunting whatever obscure species I could find in whatever venue I could fish—including golf courses and hotel fountains—this book shows me that I haven’t even scratched the surface. I’m off to Virginia!”
Steve Wozniak,, IGFA World Record Holder, 
contributor, Sportfishing Magazine

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia will be a great resource for hobbyists, naturalists, and fisheries professionals alike. It has a convenient and easy-to-use layout. Similar species being mapped together helps the reader use the location of their captured/observed fish to reach a conclusion on what they have found, without having to compare several maps. This field guide will be a nice complement to older, much more technical volumes, and a nice addition to the libraries of fish enthusiasts.”
Brian Zimmerman, Research Associate, The Ohio State University
“In Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Virginia, Bugas et al. have brought forth an extraordinarily useful and beautifully illustrated field guide to the rich and diverse fish fauna that inhabit the streams, rivers, and lakes of the state. The authors are biologists who have worked extensively with Virginia’s fishes, and it features the works of two of America’s most talented fish illustrators, prolific author Val Kells and the widely known Joseph Tomelleri. This guide nicely brings together a combination of these works to provide the users with both the best opportunity for accurate identification of fishes in hand, as well as an appreciation for their beauty.”
Wayne C. Starnes, Research Curator of Fishes, 
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (retired)

“An eminently successful introduction to the underwater world of the fishes of Virginia. As a lifelong birder, the ‘how to watch fish’ part of this book has encouraged me to begin my ‘life list’ of fishes. River drainages, aquatic ecology basics, and a documented basis for fish conservation programs are covered in this handsome volume.”
M. Rupert Cutler, Past President, Defenders of Wildlife, 
Editor Emeritus, Virginia Wildlife and National Wildlife, 
and former Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and Environment, USDA

Finally, we have an exceptional field guide that captures some of the many and varied swimmers that live below our kayaks as we paddle on the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula, wade into streams to monitor water quality, or help youth catch a fish in a pond. Particularly helpful are Val Kells' exceptionally detailed illustrations. It should aid efforts of master naturalists to protect, preserve, and educate.
Jeff Wright, Virginia Master Naturalists, Northern Neck Chapter